Re: [uCsimm] nope I really am having trouble (uC-src-0.9.2)

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 17:46:32 EDT

Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> I'm trying to compile uC-src-0.9.2 (from the distro CD). my build
> environment is in /opt/uClinux. I've got /opt/uClinux/include linked ot
> /the libC/include directory and altered the makefile to include
> /opt/uClinux/include in the include path.
> When I type make I get this:
> $ make

If you are trying to build a kernel image then you must do a 'make
menuconfig', at least once, even if you do not change things, then save
the config out when you quit. Next, you do a 'make dep', followed by a
'make linux.bin', this process deviates from the normal 2.2 make
sequence where you want the linux binary image to be built, rather than
a bZimage / install.

I have my work dirs setup as:

/opt/ez328simm-1pre7/linux # this is where the environment was built
using 'buildenv'.
/opt/uClinux # compiler binaries + linux source.

I have a softlink inside /opt/ez328simm-1pre7/linux which points to
/opt/uClinux/linux. Then all I do to build and install a new kernel:

cd /opt/ez328simm-1pre7/linux/linux
make menuconfig
make dep
make linux.bin
cd ..

That whole process is essentially what needs to be done to build an
image.bin file, that is what you would probably program into the
uCsimm. I go another step, which is to convert the image.bin into an
image.b file, but you would not do that on the uCsimm.

You did run the 'buildenv'?

> for i in libns ; do make -C $i; done
> make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/uClinux/src/libns'
> m68k-pic-coff-gcc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/opt/uClinux/include
> -I../include -DL_writeall serial.c -c -o writeall.o
> In file included from /opt/uClinux/include/sys/types.h:4,
> from /opt/uClinux/include/stdio.h:6,
> from serial.c:12:
> /opt/uClinux/include/gnu/types.h:133: warning: `__FD_SETSIZE' redefined
> /opt/uClinux/include/linux/posix_types.h:33: warning: this is the location
> of the previous definition
> /opt/uClinux/include/gnu/types.h:136: warning: `__NFDBITS' redefined

There is something to be said about installing the stock RPMs first, get
familiar with the concept of the gcc cross-compile environment, THEN,
attempt to 'do it by hand'. Why not set up a working environment from
the RPMs, verify its' operation, take another "clean" machine and
attempt to build the environment from sources + patch files? This is
the primary purpose of my laptop computer, it becomes the victum machine
for this kind of work and also testing of RPM builds. It is a worthy
thing to want to experiment / challange ones own self, but, isn't
'cheating' allowed? ;-0


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