Re: [uCsimm] ucLinux Compact Flash Adapter

From: Glenn West (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 01:58:15 EDT

Thanks John.

The WP I'll add a pin for that.
Also a switch. That way you can use a local switch, or build
it somewhere else if you want.

File system will be the standard DOS one.
Since I'm doing a block device driver, and debugging
the "indian"ness of the DOS FS. Have to look
at the journalling as a second step.

Of course, if you write your file first under a temp name, then
rename it, you can reduce the window.

The writing will be direct, no cache. (Well the drives sometimes
have cache, but that is controlled by drive options/jumpers for IDE)

At 05:40 PM 9/22/2000, you wrote:
>Hi Glenn,
>Glenn West wrote:
> > Hi All
> >
> > In the process of doing a CF/IDE adapter.
> >
> > Followng is the specs:
> >
> > Same formfactor as ucsimm (Taller to accomadate the CF Plug)
> > Use SPI interface to 68EZ/VZ
> > Allow up to 4 SIMM per SPI/ucsimm (4 CF or 4 IDE interfaces - Mix or match)
> > 1 Type2 Compact Flash Socket
> > 1 IDE 40/44 Pin Connector
> >
> > I'll get the DOS FS up and running as well.
> > Any special requests?
>So, you are going to use the CF in true-ide mode.
>In that case, a hardware (no, not software, since that can always be
>hacked into)
>write protect switch/jumper would be very handy to protect data or
>boot image/filesystem. The filesystem should become hacker-proof that way.
>Secondly, are you going to do direct writing or use a cache ?
>Take into account power losses or deliberate power-down can cause
>filesystem corruption.
>How about Axis' (if I recall correctly) Journalling Flash file system ?
> > The IC for doing the interfacing can also be available.
> >
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