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From: Filip Peters (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 05:18:06 EDT

Tom Walsh wrote:

> > Richard Laxton wrote:
> >
> > Read the FAQ on There you will instructions for
> > interfacing both LCDs (Mono up to 640x480 although with lower
> > resolutions you can drive grayscales) and 4 wire resistive touch
> > panels as you would buy from somewhere like
> >
> > Richard Laxton -
> > IT Manager and Senior Web Developer
> > ChaosMusic Ltd
> >
> Look at the ADS7843 & ADS7846 parts, Burr Brown, available from
> DigiKey. READ the appnotes on how to use either of these chips on the
> TI website (''), TI bought out Burr Brown. I have been
> using a single 10 bit A/D with a mux circuit to read from the 4-wire
> Touch Panels, see: '' and look at
> the mainboard schematics sheet #2.

I just bought an ADS7843 today, so maybe next week I can give some comments on that

> As for getting LCD & Touch panels, see: '',
> look in the section entitled 'small graphics displays'. I would
> recommend getting the Sharp LM32019 (320x240 mono), a five-inch Touch
> Panel, Backlight HV supply, make sure you ask that they send the
> "pigtail" leads for the backlight supply, they tend to "forget" them
> unless you ask. Also, ask for the 12 pin FPC connector for the LCD, I
> understand that they have them as well.

It's possible they still have some lm32019 with integrated touchpanel. A while ago I
ordered 2 LM32019's and one of them had a touchscreen. This can save some hassle with
tape to mount the touchscreen on the display.

> As for DynaPro, yes they sell Touch Panels, their model number 95636 is
> made specifically for the Sharp display, but it costs US$70
> EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my Touch Panel from and it
> only cost about US$15.
> So far, I do not yet have satisfactory code build to scan the Touch
> Panel, I am chasing a bug in the reader software, after I nail the bug,
> look to my site: '' for the simplified source
> code, or, if you want to help find this bug, let me know, I am beginning
> to think that it is in the PIC32 compiler, somehow...
> TomW

Tom, in which packet is the code for the touchpanel? I'm interested in taking a look.
I was thinking of a driver for the ads7843, and I was already looking in the code for
the palmpilot digitzer in the uclinux kernel. But since I have no experience in linux
drivers I can use all examples I can get...:)


Ir. Filip Peters

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