[uCsimm] ucLinux Compact Flash Adapter

From: Glenn West (gwest@krdl.org.sg)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 01:41:02 EDT

Hi All

In the process of doing a CF/IDE adapter.

Followng is the specs:

Same formfactor as ucsimm (Taller to accomadate the CF Plug)
Use SPI interface to 68EZ/VZ
Allow up to 4 SIMM per SPI/ucsimm (4 CF or 4 IDE interfaces - Mix or match)
1 Type2 Compact Flash Socket
1 IDE 40/44 Pin Connector

I'll get the DOS FS up and running as well.

Any special requests?

The IC for doing the interfacing can also be available.

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