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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 16:37:06 EDT

Read the FAQ on There you will instructions for interfacing
both LCDs (Mono up to 640x480 although with lower resolutions you can drive
grayscales) and 4 wire resistive touch panels as you would buy from
somewhere like

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> Subject: [uCsimm] x10 smart home controller
> Hi,
> I am starting a senior project and want to use the uclinux/gardener
> system as the basis for a home controller. I want to use a LCD
> touchscreen but I am finding that most of them use a PC104 bus
> architecture. Does the ucsimm project support this
> architecture? Right
> now there seems to be alot of unknowns and I don't want to start a
> project that I can't finish. My main concern is interfacing the
> graphical LCD display with the embedded system. Ultimately I
> would like
> to make the system web accesible but right now I'm taking
> babysteps. Any
> help is greatly appreciate.
> --Wayne
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