Re: [uCsimm] phtreads (follow-up) ???

From: Johan Severeyns (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 11:53:24 EDT

Johan Severeyns wrote:

> Hi,
> Did anyone already try to build an application, statically linked
> with the pthreads lib ? What trouble could I expect ?
> I read a rather disturbing email in the list about the uClinux libc
> NOT being thread aware. Is this true ?
> (I am already starting to panic here ...)

A little background info:

The project I am working on requires me to port a piece of
windows Win32 C source to the uCSimm. That piece of code definitely
requires threading support.
I have got a lot of experience writing threaded applications on windows.
Linux threading is new to me, but the concept should be the same.
I chose pthreads because it seems to be a popular library, however
this does not need to be the final choice. Any advice here ?

By the way: Is it normal that it takes 3 hours to see my own post on the list ?
The mail is immediately delivered to your server, as show my logs, but it seems
to be processed very slowly by the list server.
This certainly does make communicating tough along with the 7 hours of
timezone difference.

 Johan Severeyns
 R&D Engineer, Network Administrator

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