[uCsimm] Pls. help newbie port uClinux onto M68EZ328ADS and VZ328ADS board

From: Zhang Hong (h.zhang@motorola.com)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 04:01:56 EDT

Hi Robert,

      I'm trying to port uClinux onto M68VZ328ADS board running at
33MHz, a derivative of EZ328. But, I'm new in embedded linux field.
Fortunately, I read message you posted on uClinux mail forum and what
puzzled me now is the same as you met before. Could you give me a hand
for the following questions at your convenience?

    1. Although I've successfully built rom & ram version targeted for
EZ328ADS board individually, what is the standard config for building
uClinux kernel running on ADS board?
    2. How can I know the uClinux running normally because ADS board
does not have LCD and keyboard?
    3. How can I debug the ram version uClinux? I think the SDS rom
monitor do not act as debugger any more.
    4. If uClinux works well on ADS board, we can use gdb/gdbserver to
debug our applications based on uClinux through serial port just like
SDS debugger running on Windows, right?

     I'm looking forward to your reply,

     Thanks & BR,

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