[uCsimm] uCdimm (multiple) soon.

From: D. Jeff Dionne (jeff@lineo.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 18:56:29 EDT

Hi all.

I've been watching the thread on why the bus was not brought out on the
uCsimm. In addition to the reasons given, there is another. We wanted
to make the uCsimm as easy to use as possible, and that ment going with
a minimal pin count (for the target audience).

All of that having been said, most people who use the uCsimm seem to also
use our host board, and so it seems to not be as much of a problem... The
next modules will be 144 DIMM form factor with some 168's comming as well.

First out of the gate (at the board house right now) is a 144DIMM MC68VZ328
based unit to support that end of the price/performance spectrum. Looks
like if all goes well we will start taking orders in October.

Next out will be a few different ARM based devices, some uClinux and
some Linux. These have different targetted applications. There may
also be an MCORE uCdimm, but that's not finalized yet.

This is the first mention of this stuff, and we'll show you some hardware
before the end of the month, as with the uCsimm _before_ we ask anyone to
commit to buying one :-)

For those who need the CPU bus right now, have a look at Tom's work at
http://www.openhardware.net/ez328simm/index.html You'll have to build it
yourself, but that just adds to the fun (well, for some of us anyway).
Other alternatives include the Motorola Eval board for the EZ328, although
it has no ethernet and perhaps even one of the ColdFire boards, not to
mention the Lineo NetTEL :-)


D. Jeff Dionne                                        Jeff@lineo.ca
   -VP Research and Development, Office of the CTO

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