Re: [uCsimm] Interesting uClinux sh problems

From: David McCullough (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 08:20:50 EDT

Jivin Zach Shelby lays it down ...
> I have ported a BOOTP client for the uClinux distribution. Works well
> (if you'd like the ported source just write me), however I'm having a
> problem using the output with the uClinux sh.
> bootpc outputs something like:
> DNS_SERVERS='333.33.......'
> etc..
> This output is saved in a temp file. eval 'cat temp.file' is then
> called to read the variables into the environment to use them in an rc
> script with ifattach. However the eval in this sh version doesn't seem
> to work. Atleast I can't get these bootpc variables into shell
> variables. Any ideas? Is it a strange quirk of this sh implementation?

I think you will find the default shell is the SASH shell. sash doesn't
support scripting (variables, conditionals etc). If you have a look around
the source you should find some other shells that do, although they may be
a bit bigger :-)


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