[uCsimm] Interesting uClinux sh problems

From: Zach Shelby (zach.shelby@vtt.fi)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 04:31:52 EDT

I have ported a BOOTP client for the uClinux distribution. Works well
(if you'd like the ported source just write me), however I'm having a
problem using the output with the uClinux sh.

bootpc outputs something like:

This output is saved in a temp file. eval 'cat temp.file' is then
called to read the variables into the environment to use them in an rc
script with ifattach. However the eval in this sh version doesn't seem
to work. Atleast I can't get these bootpc variables into shell
variables. Any ideas? Is it a strange quirk of this sh implementation?

- Zach Shelby

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