[uCsimm] Programming MC68HC11

From: Bo bjerre (post@Bjerre-Technology.dk)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 18:16:36 EDT

Years ago I used PCBUG11, as a handy tool for debugging and programming
in-circuit. Now I have a software update going, and need to program more

units. BUT: I can not get the PCBUG11, version 3.42 (the latest?) to
work. I have a message telling that the COM1 is not acessible, runtime
error 200. I have
changed from Win95 to NT on all computers in my house, so I can not even

try it on a 95'er. I guess it is the NT's way of keeping programmers
away from the hardware??

Has there been an update of PCBUG11, to run on NT ??
Is there a walk-around (work-around), like a crazy driver, like the
P&E's GiveIO ??
What would your advice be ???

Best regards
Bo Bjerre / R&D
Bjerre Tehcnology

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