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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 17:18:41 EDT


> Came across your site on the net and am interested in using this
> technology for my senior computer engineering project. Any suggestions?
> Many Thanks

We used the uCsimm as part of our senior design project.

We used the uCsimm as a main controller for a robot development kit. We
used an I2C multimaster "network" to allow the coordination of distributed
microcontrollers. It was essentially Lego Mindstorms on steroids.

A variety of microcontrollers (mainly PIC16F877's) acted as digital I/O,
A/D converters, and motor controllers, along with some specialized
peripherals such as proximity sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors,
two-motor driver unit, etc. A main control unit then ran programs that
were written by users in C, using an API we had created. The controller
coordinated the microcontrollers on the I2C network to perform whatever
task the user had programmed.

Nothing about the project actually relied on the uCsimm. We created
a PC interface board that allowed any PC to act as the system controller.
But we also created a compact, self-contained system based on a uCsimm
that could be used as the main controller.

It was an impressive project, and we won best senior design project. But
it was also considerably more involved and more time intensive than most
people's senior projects. The system was actually capable of
implementing everyone else's project!

Geoffrey Wossum
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