Re: [uCsimm] PPP & ip_forward

Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 00:29:20 EDT

Thanks your reply.

My uCsimm haven't ether network chip set, so I haven't eth0.
I have follow the step what you have told to me.
I set 'proxyarp' parameter on linux-pc. But she prompt me as 'Can not determine
ethernet address for proxy ARP' ?? Why ?

When PPP connected, linux-pc show 'not replacing existing default route to eth0
I have eth0 on my linux-pc, but what that message means ?

Is my linux-pc should be a router ? If the answer is YES, how can I configure my
linux-pc as a router ??
I use 'defaultroute' parameter on uCsimm, 'proxyarp' on linux-pc.
I have configure IP address translation on my linux-pc.
But, my uCsimm still can not connect to world wide internet.

Sorry, bother you again.

Bobby Lai.

Hello Bobby,

'defaultroute' parameter should be used on the uCsimm side, not on
linux-pc side.

Note, that this parameter works only if there is no other default route
That means, that there should be no default route via your uCsimm's eth0
at the
time you start pppd there.

'proxyarp' parameter should be used on the linux-pc side indeed.

Also, you have to configure IP address translation (masquerading) either
your linux PC or on your router, since addresses from 192.168.x.x are
routable outside of your private network (maybe you already have it).

Happy hacking,

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