[uCsimm] CS8900 memory addresses in net/uCcs8900.c question

From: Matt Bergeron (smackeron@caltech.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 18:08:48 EDT

>From net/uCcs8900.c:

#define NET_BASE 0x10000300

        *(volatile unsigned short *)0xfffff102 = 0x8000; /* 0x04000000 */
        *(volatile unsigned short *)0xfffff112 = 0x01e1; /* 128k, 2ws,
FLASH, en $

CSB0 is set up @ 0x4000000, yet NET_BASE is defined to be 0x100003000. How
does this work? What am I missing?

Also, I'm assuming that this driver is using the cs8900 in IO
mode...because there is no serial EEROM and memory mapped mode is never
set up on the cs8900. Is this a correct assumption? Wouldn't it be faster
to do it as memory mapped?


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