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Hi, Voggeneder

    You need one more general purpose I/O pin to control /DISP_OFF signal. You may find the step by step detail in the user's manual of MC68EZ328.
    Generally, VEE is the power supply for LCD panel. Normally, it should be about 20-30 volts. The polarity can be either positive or negative, see the user's manual of the LCD for the detail.
    VLCD and FG are also quite strange for me, sorry.

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在 2000-08-17 14:07:00 您写道:
>has anyone experiance how to connect an QVGA Display (TCM - A0635 -1 from
>Seiko - Epson) to uCSimm.
>I am confused about the amount of power pins (VEE, VLCD).
>Pin No. Symbol Function uCSimm Pin
>1 DIN Scan Start-up Signal LFLM
>2 NC -
>3 LP Input Data Latch Signal LLP
>4 XSCL Data Input Clock Signal LCLK
>5 /DISP OFF Display Control (ON = H) ?
>6 .. 9 D0 .. D3 Display Data Signal LD0 .. LD3
>10 VDD Power Supply for Logic +5V
>11 VSS Ground GND
>12 VEE Power Supply for LCD ?
>13 VLCD Power Supply for Contrast ?
>14 FG Bezel Ground Potential GND ?
>Could anyone explain me how to connect this Display to uCSimm.
>Mit freundlichen Gren
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