RE: [uCsimm]Question from a newbie. Lan device doesn't work.

From: Peters Arne (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 07:31:54 EDT


I have an old uCsimm board (uC68EZ328-2E8L16 00:50:C2:03:61:C1) and it
worked fine with the version from the CD. I upgraded with the
latest patch (pre7) and got the same message as you do ('cs89x0.c: No
CrystalLan device found.').

By using the old version of the Ethernet driver
(/opt/uClinux/linux/driver/net/uCcs8900.c) and recompiled the kernel it
worked fine again.

In your case it is perhaps the other way around. You have a new uCsimm and
old cs8900 driver, so it might help to use the pre7 patch.

Arne Peters

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> Hi
> I received uCsimm and uCgardener kit recently.
> After installing binary package from uClinux CD into my red-hat
> 6.1 based distribution,
> I sent the image file into uCsimm.
> Then everything looked fine but lan device didn't work, so that
> I couldn't mount VFS.
> In the booting time, the error message
> 'cs89x0.c: No CrystalLan device found.' showed up and
> then 'could not find device message(19)' message when uClinux tried to
> mount VFS.
> does it need to be patched with latest file?
> or simple hardware problem? (I'm not good at soldering...)
> regards~
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