[uCsimm] serial raw data transfer

From: ralf.hoell@gmx.net
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 07:19:18 EDT


I have connected a serial device on the ttyS0 from the uCSimm modul. The
serial device transfer datas with raw format.

The communication work fine, but sometimes an error occurs.
O.K - I found the error, but the error was very interesting !

In the serial driver from uCSimm is a nice feature, but for a raw
communication it is not very suitable. Here a extract from the source code of serial
driver 68328serial.c file:

                if(info->is_cons) {
                        if(URX_BREAK & rx) { /* whee, break received */
                                status_handle(info, rx);
                        } else if (ch == 0x10) { /* ^P */
                        } else if (ch == 0x12) { /* ^R */

When my serial device send for e.g. the byte 12 - the uClinux boot !

Has anybody a solution how can I deactivate this "feature" without it
commentate out in the code ?

Best regards,


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