[uCsimm] gdbserver for uClinux on 68EZ328

From: Bobby_Lai@acer.com.tw
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 08:43:31 EDT

Hi .
Sorry to bother you again.
I have follow thw "kwonsk"'s explianation to patch my gdbserver and
uClinux-2.0.38 kernel.
I have no problem to set break points.
But, when I put continue command on client command ...
My uClinux-kernel alway is go into bad_super_trap() function.
What problem I have got ??
Can someone tell me ??
For some reasons, I have build my owm trap system calls. I use trap 10, trap 13,
and trap 14.
Do those traps influence uClinux for gdbserver ??

The second question is,
On gdb-4.18 version, I set remote debug 3 to show packets message between
gdbserver and gdb-client.
The basic packets is showed on gdb manul.
But, when I command break 10, for example, gdb-client sent a serial of basic
My question is, where can I find document that explain the gdb commands
correspond to a serial of basic packets.
Or, does someway I can know the basic packets sequence to gdb commands ??

Thank you in advance.

Bobby Lai.

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