[uCsimm] gcc PIC 32bit RPM

From: Tom Walsh (tom@cyberiansoftware.com)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 23:44:50 EDT


        I have built a Redhat 6.2 RPM of Erwin Authried's PIC 32 bit patch for
gcc, it can be found at:
Note that the package name has been changed from m68k-pic-coff-gcc to
that of m68k-pic32-coff-gcc, the previous package is not needed. You
should be able to remove the old m68k-pic-coff-gcc and install this one
without disruption to your development environ. Remember to get Erwin's
crt0.S, compile it into an obj (crt0.o) and replace the
/opt/uClinux/m68k-pic-coff/lib/crt0.o with the new one.

        I have successfully compilied my kernel, romdisk and user sources
without problems. Good work Erwin!



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