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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 22:45:43 EDT

"D. Jeff Dionne" wrote:
> Tom Walsh <> said:
> ..
> > When I check the individual src directories, I can see no *.coff
> > files. I don't have any more ideas? I had hoped to build the
> > gcc- source up to the uClinux patch level so that I could apply
> > the PIC32 patches. Anyone have suggestions as to what is going wrong
> > with the build?
> >
> For some reason, the header files are not in the correct places. Can't
> help much there from this distance.
> The .coff file problem is because m68k-pic-coff-ld (and the link in
> ../m68k-pic-coff/bin) is the real GNU ld. Grab a copy of the ld shell script
> from the binary distribution (also attached) and move GNU ld to gld. The
> new 'ld' shell script runs GNU ld (gld) and then moves the result to *.coff
> and runs coff2flt to make a uClinux bFLT binary.
> >

Okay, I noticed that gld and coff2flt were not being built by the
package, so I assumed another source for these were needed. I did dump
coff2flt and found that is was a binary, also did the same with gld, did
not realize that ld had been replaced. Where / how can I build
coff2flt? One goal here is to produce an RPM install of the PIC32 gcc,
the other is that I am looking to turn my attention to an ARM710
processor next and the 68K gcc + bintools would be a good place to start
getting experience with the cross-compilier builds (the devil you

As for the redundant header files, is there some docu on the search
pattern that the gcc undergoes when looking for headers? I understand
that there are default paths to search into, /usr/local/include,
/usr/include, I presume that the the compiler 'spec' file dictates as
well, but is there another spec rule such as 'if you find an environ
variable named BLAH, look there as well'?

I will ignore the dup warnings as harmless, for the moment, and try the
gld + a version of coff2flt I have to see if the binaries run. Then
tackle the dups warnings as a second issue. Thanks for the quick reply.



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