[uCsimm] Rs-232 connection

From: Patrick Stingley (stingley@cpcug.org)
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 13:52:11 EDT

Dear Jeff,

Have you ever lashed two uCsimms together and made them communicate?
We've been having a lot of trouble doing this. We think the problem may
be that the ethernet driver (chip?) goes into low power mode when it boots
up (on both uCsimms) so both sides drop into low power mode. In reading
the documentation it appears that the lack of a signal on RTS is how the
driver determines that no other device is on the port. I was wondering
how to defeat this. Perhaps if I jump +5V to RTS, it will defeat the low
power mode. In your opinion is this a good approach? Is there some
software approach to defeating this that you are aware of?


Pat Stingley and Joe Lang

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