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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 20:22:36 EDT

Michael Nachbaur wrote:
> Okay, I have the Sharp LCDs and associated touch screens. I'm now considering making the big plunge into a ucSimm. My questions are:
> - What should I purchase in order to get started? I'm software savvy, and can find my way around electronic equipment for the most part. (I also have a family member who's an proffessional electronics techie, so that won't be an issue)
> - I've seen a lot of really low-level discussions on this mailing list (I've been lurking for a while). Is this necessary to accomplish most things with the ucSimm, or are these people on the list just doing some major hacking of these things?
> Any help would be appreciated. I'm still deciding if should go with a higher-performance DIMM-PC or something similar (maybe a larger PC/104 board). Any comments that could sway me toward the ucSimm?

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