[uCsimm] simpler memory leak example

From: David Beckemeyer (david@corp.earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 14:52:41 EDT

Here's a simpler program that doesn't use stdio that consumes
all system memory over time using malloc/free. With the sleep()
call in there you can watch it consue memory (with ps). If you
remove the sleep() call it will immediately hang/crash uClinux

Is this a known probklem? Is there a fix?

This again is with 2.0.381pre5 (from the Rt-Control CD):


#define MEMSIZ 512

extern char *malloc (int x);

main ()
  char *p;
  int i;

  i = 0;
      p = malloc (MEMSIZ);
      if (p)
        free (p);
      sleep (5);
  while (p);
  printf ("failed after %d iterations\n", i);
  perror ("malloc");
  exit (1);
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