[uCsimm] ethernet connectivity problem

From: Richard Sevenich (rsevenic@netscape.net)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 14:04:06 EDT

Another newbie question for my new uCsimm setup.

I have serial communication established between my laptop and the uCsimm
which is on the uCgardener. I now want to establish the ethernet connection.
Both the uCsimm and laptop recognize their respective ethernets, each has a
different IP address on the same subnet etc., each can ping itself by the
proper IP - but neither can ping the other. I believe I have the respective
machines set up properly, but perhaps there
is something I've missed. Any hints?

The laptop's ethernet pcmcia card is new, so it could have a RJ45 connector
problem I suppose. The two machines are connected by a crossover cable, but I
also tried with regular cables and my hub.

I would appreciate hints/advice.


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