[uCsimm] uclinux boot problem

From: Richard Sevenich (rsevenic@netscape.net)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 18:13:28 EDT

I have just obtained a ucsimm (with uCgardener) and am trying to get it

Currently, I have established serial communication with the ucsimm
and can use the bootloader cli.

However, when I issue the 'go' command, the uclinux boot process on the
ucsimm gets caught in a loop as follows:
* the boot process finds the ethernet interface OK, but then claims
  there is no cable.
* the cable is new and connects to a new pcmcia card on the host. The
  host has the card up and running - at least ifconfig gives reasonable
* henceforth the uClinux boot loops, repeating:
     eth0: transmit timed out, IRQ conflict?
     cs8900 did not allocate memory for tx!
     eth0: transmit timed out, IRQ conflict?
Before I run off to the store for another cable, I wondered if this is a
known problem or if I am making some other newbie blunder.

Note: I have been unable to use the mail archives because the links are in
severe disarray.


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