Re: [uCsimm] Any PCB design software ... which is GNU or freeware.

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 23:45:30 EDT

Micah Dowty wrote:
> That sounds pretty good, and I'm all for using a different package.
> I've tried eagle cad before, and PCB sounds good. (especially because it's
> GPL)
> I don't expect I'll need a PCB any time soon, but when I do I'll find some
> place that takes an open file format.


        Good luck on the "open file format"!!! Those of us who have been using
PCB CAD packages for a number of years find that this is a MAJOR
problem! There have been some attempts at opening up a 'universal'
format for packages, but these have failed as the vendors do not seem to
be intereseted in disclosing their format to competitors.



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