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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 00:38:03 EDT

Steve Butts wrote:
> Tom Walsh wrote:
> > It looks like the BERG p/n 67516-204 is what we need to connect the
> > Touch Plate FPC cable to a header mounted on the controller PCB. Now
> > the problem is to find someone who has the darned thing, I cannot find a
> > listing on Newark, DigiKey, or Mouser for this part, frustrating.
> Finally got the LCDs, inverter, and touch panel but I can't find the
> connectors anywhere.
> I know someone found a place to order the touch panel connector, but
> what about for the Sharp LCD and inverter? From the specs, these have
> been the connectors I've been looking for, LCD: 5597-12APB or 5597-12CPB
> or 52044-1245 Inverter: 53261-0510
> If anyone has found a place to order these, or have gotten other
> connectors to work please let me know. Thanks.

For the inverter supply (+12v) contact the people at,
they should have also sent the connector & pig-tail leads with each
inverter. They did the same thing to me and after I contacted them,
they sent the missing parts.

For the LCD, someone else on this list said that they purchased a
connector for the Sharp LCD from the people for an
additional $3.


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