Re: [uCsimm] BusyBox?

From: Vladimir A. Gurevich (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 08:13:52 EDT

Hello Sebastian,

Yes, this method works and we use it in our project exactly the way
you've described. This is done on uClinux for M68EZ328, which does
"execute-in-place". uClinux for Coldfire does copy the .text
section from FLASH into DRAM, though. Also, take into account that
the restriction for 32KB .text and 64KB .data+.bss still holds unless
you use modified compilers discussed on this list, which are still not
a part of the "official" uClinux, AFAIK.

Happy hacking,

Sebastian Andersson wrote:
> Would busybox work well with uclinux?
> What I guess I really ask is, do multiple invocation of the same binary
> make them share memory for the text section? Do uClinux run programs
> directly from a flash memory (romfs file system), or is it copied to
> ram before it is executed (well, the data section would have to be
> copied of course).
> /Sebastian
> [ Busybox is a single binary that implements quite a lot of the normal
> unix commands. That way, one binary and a lot of symlinks can be used
> to implement most of the commands in /bin
> Busybox compiled for 386 with all commands, help and staticly linked
> against glibc2.1 is about 580k large. ]
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