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From: Filip Peters (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 08:12:40 EDT

Hello Tom,

Tom Walsh wrote:

> In case anyone needs data on the Sharp LM32019 display, it can be found
> at:
> ''. In
> order to use this display, you will need a connector, Molex P/N
> 52044-1245, and a High Voltage inverter which they also will sell you at
> Earthlink (same people for the LCD), the LCD is quite useless without
> the backlight supply.
> When you get the LCD + supply, DO NOT HOOK IT UP, until you have
> correctly identified the polarity to use for the 12 supply to the HV
> Inverter (I destroyed one discovering this). The GROUND connection can
> be identified with an OhmMeter, there were four mounting holes on the
> unit they supplied me with (2 holes + 2 slotted), one of the mounting
> holes will have a plated-through copper land around it, this is the
> GROUND connection (Pin 2), the other connection is the +12 volt line
> (Pin 1).

I had also a defective inverter. I don't think I destroyed it by reverse polarity, I
was very carefull in checking the polarity, but when I powered it up I had no
backlight. Probably the fuse on the inverter is a bit trigger happy, and blew when I
connected it. It's the little black SMD thingy next to L1, labelled with 0.5A. When I
bridged it with a short piece of wire I had a working inverter! So you can still use
this inverter for experimental work (probably not for sending it to a customer..)



Ir. Filip Peters

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