[uCsimm] login problem

From: Herve BOTERMAN (hboterman@nordnet.fr)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 16:31:12 EDT

Hi there,

I have a problem to connect my ucsimm by serial access or ethernet
root user ask me password.
The passwd file on the rt-control's CD looks like this:

demo:x:5000:100:Demo User:/home/demo:/bin/bash

This is very strange because there is no bash in /bin directory ! I
change this to /bin/sh without success.
I have no /etc/shadow but I don't think it matter..
I can ping the ucsimm and telnet but I have no passwd to provide to
successfully login.
The RT-Control documentation doesn't tell a word about login, cas
anybody help me ?

Where can I find a romdisk archive that works ?

Thank in advance,


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