[uCsimm] interrupts in uClinux

From: Thomas Peter-apt090 (apt090@lmpsil02.comm.mot.com)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 10:08:32 EDT

  I have been trying unsuccessfully to create an 8khz interrupt from the
general purpose timer on the dragon ball while still allowing network
traffic to the uCsimm. I have moved the task scheduler to the realtime
clock, so that is not an issue. I actually turn off all interrupts other
than the the general purpose timer and irq5 (the ethernet controller).
Unfortunately, I lose about 700 uS from the 8khz clock whenever I ping the
uCsimm, which is not adequate. I know that the timer is on interrupt 6, and
the ethernet controller is on interrupt 5, so I should be able to interrupt
the ethernet controller whenever I need, but this is not the case. I have
edited /opt/uClinux/linux/arch/m68knommu/platform/68EZ328/entry.S so that
the interrupt handlers each set the status register to mask x6xxh, so I
think level 6 interrupts should be let throught. Also, the ehternet driver
does not mask off the timer interrupt, so that is clean. I am trying to
have the uCsimm be a bridge between any networkable computer and a vocoder
board. The board requires that every 125 uS I send out 16 bits serially, I
plan to use the SMP port for writing the data. I am completely at a loss
here, I must be missing something fairly obvious, as I assume this is
possible to do. The hardware would let you, I just need the software to...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Peter Thomas
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