[uCsimm] uClinux compilation problems?

From: Alan Messer (alan_messer@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 17:45:58 EDT


I've been trying to put together the various parts for the Palm version
of ucLinux for use under Xcopilot (I've tried the provided ROM with
success). Unfortunately, having compiled the linux (with patches),
generated a file system, etc. I have a couple of problems.

1) coff2flt doesn't want to compile for me. Claims it can't find
_xstat. This seems to be a problem with library versions, since my libc
has __xstat (NOTE: Two slashes not one). Does this only work with the
old libc5 not glibc? Does anyone have a glibc version of libbfd?

2) How do I merge the rom image and the kernel to get a full pilot
image? I presume after coff2flt'ing the kernel, I need to merge them.
Simply DDing them together perhaps? Information on the precise build
requirements and build procedure seems thin on the ground?

Lastly, is there a more details FAQ somewhere (technical) on the build.
I can't seem to find out.


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