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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 18:24:39 EDT

In case anyone needs data on the Sharp LM32019 display, it can be found
''. In
order to use this display, you will need a connector, Molex P/N
52044-1245, and a High Voltage inverter which they also will sell you at
Earthlink (same people for the LCD), the LCD is quite useless without
the backlight supply.

When you get the LCD + supply, DO NOT HOOK IT UP, until you have
correctly identified the polarity to use for the 12 supply to the HV
Inverter (I destroyed one discovering this). The GROUND connection can
be identified with an OhmMeter, there were four mounting holes on the
unit they supplied me with (2 holes + 2 slotted), one of the mounting
holes will have a plated-through copper land around it, this is the
GROUND connection (Pin 2), the other connection is the +12 volt line
(Pin 1).

They can also sell you a 'four-wire' touch plate that can be used over
the LCD panel. This is a resistive plate and is quite easy to work with
/ read. All you need is a simple voltage biasing circuit and an A/D
convertor. Look at the schematic at:
'' for
details on the electronics, the A/D sits on the SPI bus (SRXD, STXD,
*TOUCH), a bit line (AXIS) is used to toggle the circuitry to read from
the X & Y axis of the plate, and there is an optional line (*TOUCHED)
that could be used to generate an interrupt from it to the MC68EZ328
processor (I am not sure if uCsimm has spare lines for this?). Connect
the touch plate to connector JP2, add +5 volts (VCC) and write your own
software to implement the touch plate. All parts for the touch plate
reader are available from DigiKey ('').



Tom Walsh wrote:
> Hello all,
> A while back I was collecting names so that I could order a 'brick' of
> displays, the Sharp LM32019T which is a Blue/White 320x240 (quarter
> VGA). Finally, my customer committed to the project and I went to order
> the displays. Much to my surprise, upon checking with the people at
> Earth Computer Technologies, they have the same display, NEW not REFURB,
> on sale until June 15th for US$29.00, this is US$60.00 off the regular
> price. I was told that the owner had 12,000 of these in stock and
> wanted to start moving this inventory!
> I suggest that anyone who needs an LCD for their project check into
> this right away! You can reach them from the number on their website:
> ''.
> Standard disclaimer: I do not work for, or represent them in anyway,
> just want to get the word out!
> Regards,
> TomW
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