RE: [uCsimm] I can't see 'booting process' in minicom

From: Stu (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 22:54:47 EDT

Make sure you haven't got the terminal set to use flow control, or to use
DSR or DTR, since the uCsimm doesn't assert either. Make sure you're using a
straight-through serial cable, not a null modem cable. Make sure you haven't
got the serial port you are connecting to turned off in BIOS. Make sure you
haven't got LCDProc, getty, or gpm (if you have them running) set up to use
that serial port. Make sure the terminal is talking to the correct serial

Get out a multimeter and make sure there is a voltage of 3.3V between the
proper pins in the uCgardener's SIMM connector. (Check the diagram included
with the uCgardener board to find out which pins these are.) If this is not
the case, make sure the polarity of the power supply is correct. If you
haven't got any voltage across the correct pins on the uCgardener, but the
voltage regulator (that black thing that looks like a transistor) is hot,
then the power supply is probably of the opposite polarity required by the


> Subject: [uCsimm] I can't see 'booting process' in minicom
> I have a ucsimm of your esteemed company,
> manual(second print Aprill 2000) too.
> I have progressed, by this manual,
> 1.Connect host(suse 5.3 & minicom) to ucsimm with rs232,
> 2.port setup(for minicom), about ttyS0
> 3.speed setup, 9600bps,
> 4.edit /opt/uClinux/romdisk/rc and resolv.conf, inittab
> for suitable ip address setting,
> 5. goto /testing
> 6. after execution of 'buildenv; make'
> 7. minicom -s(comfirming port & speed setup)
> 8. minicom -o
> But, b$ prompt is not there. my minicom screen is black and
> maintain stop status.
> please, help me.
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