[uCsimm] I can't see 'booting process' in minicom

From: san (sansfa@hanmail.net)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 01:53:55 EDT

I have a ucsimm of your esteemed company,
manual(second print Aprill 2000) too.

I have progressed, by this manual,

1.Connect host(suse 5.3 & minicom) to ucsimm with rs232,
2.port setup(for minicom), about ttyS0
3.speed setup, 9600bps,
4.edit /opt/uClinux/romdisk/rc and resolv.conf, inittab
  for suitable ip address setting,
5. goto /testing
6. after execution of 'buildenv; make'
7. minicom -s(comfirming port & speed setup)
8. minicom -o

But, b$ prompt is not there. my minicom screen is black and
maintain stop status.
please, help me.
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