[uCsimm] networkadapter for MCF5206eLITE

From: Thomas Winterhalder (twinterhalder@bigfoot.de)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 03:09:26 EDT


I'm running uCLinux on my Coldfire MCF5206eLITE board. I'm going
to build a network adapter for this board, based on the Crystal
CS8900a chip. To easy use the driver form the uCsimm module
I had a look at the schematic from the uCsimm. Mmh, I wondered!

Can anybody tell me, why A4 (Dragonball) is connected to
/SBHE (CS8900a)? In design examples from Cirrus Logic (AN83)
A0 is connected to /SBHE and SA0.
May there be problems with the driver if I follow the design
examples in AN83 from Cirrus Logic?


Thomas Winterhalder
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