Re: [uCsimm] ucsimm display &keboard problem

From: Glenn West (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 19:22:22 EDT

There are chips (Check circuit cellar magazine or web size) that will
allow you to convert a PC keyboard to serial.

As far as the display, a "console driver" will need to be written.
There already code that allows text. Put it as a background process, set
up a "pseudo" console device, really looks like a char unix device, and
redirect the text output to the background process to display on the LCD.
Make sure you have enough "buffer" space such that the initial kernel text
output can be "captured" if you want this. Otherwise, you throw it away,
or redirect it till you ready for the switch. There's bits and pieces of this
in desktop linux that you can pervert, and then you can also use the existing
standalone code as well.

Done this kinda thing quite a few times, so it is doable.

At 11:22 PM 5/23/00, you wrote:
> > iMAXSZ engineering wrote:
> >
> > Hi: all
> >
> > I connect my 1 bit 480 *64 LCD to ucsimm module, now the LCD can
> > dispaly char correctly. but I have some problem
> > that I can't solve.
> >
> > 1. How to make all message that ucsimm display on pc screen display
> > on my LCD? for example: etc/issue content is
> > dispayed on pc screen when we boot uClinux, now I want to make the
> > etc/issue content dispaly my LCD.shoul I how to
> > do ?
>The LCD is an additional piece of hardware that simply exists in the
>system, it is not an essential part of the system in any way. There is
>no support for an LCD display from within uClinux, OTHER THAN the fact
>that you can build an application that runs under uClinux and changes
>the data within the LCD framebuffer.
>With all that being said, you probably could integrate the LCD into the
>uClinux as an essential part of the system, such as being the system
>console, but no code that I am aware of has been written, as yet, to do
> >
> > 2.Could the ucsimm use keyboard directly ? if not , should I how to
> > do?
>Sure, you can put a matrix keyboard on it. If you mean a PC/AT style of
>keyboard, then you will need an external controller to speak to the PC
>keyboard and have it pass the key data back to the 68EZ328 processor.
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