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From: Ben Lau (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 10:59:58 EDT

Tom Walsh wrote:
> "Kim, Jeong-Hwan" wrote:
> > Hi, everyone
> > Is it possible to attach TFD LCD touch screen to ucsimm board??
> Probably, have you looked at the MC68EZ328 (DragonBall) user manual?
> It may give you some info as to the TFT displays, so far, I only know
> that it can use STD displays.
> >
> > Can the ucLinux control the touch screen ???
> Nope, but you are free to write a driver layer to implement one. :-)

Is there any touch screen available in the market so that
we can use it with the ucsimm?

I am just a student,difficult to deal with the


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