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From: Tom Walsh (tom@cyberiansoftware.com)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 12:21:52 EDT


> Hi,
> The manufacturer of the LCD module is Giantplus. It is a 160*240 Grey
> scale STN, its part number from manufacturer is GPG1624TWE1.
> After i have looked throught the user's manual of ADS board. I found that
> maybe i have to implement some extra circuitry to provide power for the
> LCD connector, ie. VCC, VEE and VO. I may use the circuit for Epson
> EG9013. Is that appropriate?

Apparently VCC is the +5 feed to the display, VEE is the display bias(?), I don' t
know what VO is, you need to check the one. Also, VEE can be either a negative OR a
positive bias, depending on the manufacturer, the value for VEE can range between
4volts to upwards of 40volts (usually DC, not AC). If you do put together a power
supply for the LCD, keep in mind that you *must* sequence the VCC & VEE supplies,
failure to proper sequence these voltages (during power on/off) WILL destroy the LCD
screen material very quickly.

> Btw, if i can bring up the LCD, what value should i put in the INIT_LCD?
> The examples in the mail list is 640*480 and 320*240.

Use the two LCD descriptors that you got from the mailing list, I think I send those,
and look them over, comparing the two sets of individual values. Then, while referring
to the Dragonball controller manual, look at what these settings are supposed to do. I
think that with a glance-thru of the manual the values should become clear, given the
two examples of descriptors that you now have.

> Tom, I remember in one mail, you said you can send the PDFs for LM32019
> and EG9013. Would you send them to me?

Better yet, I placed them on the Resources page of the site,
'http://www.openhardware.net/ez328simm/resources.html', there is probably more people
who need the data as well.

> And about the Sharp LCD you mentioned, is the quota full? If there is
> still a vacancy, I may find a friend in US to receive for me. And about
> the collector, is it a open hardware design?
> Sorry for so many questions, i am now spending day to day for my kit.

Not a problem, I have commitments (?) for up to 16, there is four more to go, if I can
get a commitment from a cutstomers for future delivery of the LCD enabled product, I
can order them.


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