Re: [uCsimm] Re: Trouble using minicom

From: Alex Belits (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 18:31:04 EDT

On Wed, 17 May -1, sangstar wrote:

> Thanks for your kind help.
> I follow the instructions:
> make sure the minicom setup correctly
> type minicom -o ttyS0 myconfiguration file,
> then type rx in ucsimm
> press Ctrl-A S , but the ucsimm just hang there

  Do you see a menu that asks for a protocol? If not, maybe you have some
other keys combination for sending files -- it may be Alt-S insteas of
Ctrl-A S. Check the help message (minicom should say something like
"Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys" on startup -- do it).

> , I try several times, it is still the same.
> I ever try type fast in ucsimm, when i press enter, it also hangs there

  After you do that, go to setial port settings menu (usually Ctrl-A P)
and change the speed to 115200, exit the menu and press Enter -- you will
see the prompt again.

>, so I am wondering whether it is because of the minicom version(i use
RH6.0 1.82) or terminal (i use GNOME).
> Any idea about my problem?

  GNOME terminal uses Alt-<letter> mapping in a way that is supported
by minicom, so it's possible that you have Alt (aka Meta) configured as a
command key instead of Ctrl-A. To change the settings, run minicom -s and
choose "Screen and keyboard" in the menu, then change command key to
whatever you want to use (Ctrl-A by default), then save the setup.


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