Re: [uCsimm] pppd and ppp for uClinux-2.0.38

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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 07:43:40 EDT

Ppp sources in uClinux-2.0.38 distribution is some kind of cut-down version.
Many features in normal ppp dist. was removed for .text segment reductions.

I was also got troble with ppp like you.
But now, i could use chat+diald (demand on dial daemon)+ppp like nomal
desktop linux.
(With 'chat', you need not use persnal dialing program.) and i could use
file for ppp pap session (but not tried chap yet, my ISP being tested just
use pap).

My ppp/chat/diald sources comes from uClinux-coldfire site. Peoples at
on coldfire site did good work for many applications for uClinux (like ppp).
They added EMBED definitions on most sources for uClinux and it also works
fine for
ez328. Big difference between uClinux-coldfire and uClinux-ez328 is
compiler tool chain.
At least they didnot suffer from .text/.data/.bss overflow problems. This
difference could be
removed if you adopt 32bit PIC compiler from Erwin Authried (thanks Erwin
Current 32bit PIC compiler didnot removed .data/.bass section overflow
problem and
this could be removed if you try to allocating big global variables with
Full removal of segment overflow was removed by Alexander V. Komarov some
ago (he ported elf compiler for ez328). He did a really good work,
but my first try with his compiler was failed. I've reported my complain to
him. but he
was too busy at that time to explain sth for me. (I'm not good at complier
internals so i did not want to
be a burden to him with my trivial questions).
Someday ago, Alexander.V kormanov said that (in this mailing list), he tried
to post
his final work and failed. Could anyone (Jeff?) contact him and could make
his work
avaliable on the net?

> I have wrote a dial program that send "AT-related" command to modem. It
>seems good. I can dial modem to an ISP.
>But, in the path of xxx/pilot/pppd/pppd program seems not support PAP/CHAP
>authentication. So, it always fail
>when the IPS request authentication.
>Does someone can guide me how to use ppp on ucsimm/uclinux-2.0.38 ?
>Does someone get it work ??
>Thank you very much.
>Bobby Lai.
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