[uCsimm] RTLinux 0.9j - lost jiffies

From: Kang Tin LAI (ktlai@hk.net)
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 11:34:12 EDT

Hi Kwonsk,

Before your message suggested me to fine tune the time constant, I
have a idea where I go wrong. So I try mine first tonight.

1. I installed and related stuffs.
2. I made this kernel in my working directory.
3. Everything goes fine.

After I make a new and RTLinux 0.9j patches, I have not
libc and other stuffs. Tonight I recompile those stuffs and get RT
Yeah! I see you:

rtl_scheduler for uClinux based on RTL release 0.9J

RT is now running in flash and my scope catches pulses from PD0 and PD1
rectangle.c. "jiffies lost" lost!!

However I still get FIFO 150 problem, and CS8900 and eth0 not working.
I have changed major to 256 and FIFO to 150, any idea? OK, let me try to
identify these problems later. Without eth0 nfs, serial download is for
testing your patience? :(

Take a look to head.S, according comments, it already 0WS, I have not
verified it with ez328 manual. Just trust it.

Happy hacking.

Kang Tin LAI
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