Re: [uCsimm] What do you think of the uCSimm?

From: Mark F Schulz (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 01:35:15 EDT

Mine has a CS8900A-CQ3 installed. Maybe others are different.

Mark Schulz

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Subject: [uCsimm] What do you think of the uCSimm?

> Thanks for all your comments, especially the ones via email. They are
> much appreciated.
> > Forget about the cost of the hardware and purchase it. It is
> > insignificant if you consider the `network' effect of the project.
> > else can you participate in this kind of project and receive as much
> > online help as is being donated by the group. That is the real value of
> > the uCSimm.
> True - David. I'm also ready to sign on the dotted line (Press the Order
> Button). I find the uCSimm a quick way of entering the arena and the
> fact that I should be able to take it out of the box and having it
> running in 30 minutes is what I'm seeking. I'm just a little curious
> about the extra's.
> Can anyone verify claims that they have used a 5V CS8900A-CQ instead of
> a 3.3v CS8900A-CQ3 part. The spec sheet would suggest the recommended
> operating range for the 5V CS8900A-CQ is 4.75V Min to 5.25V.
> Was this a substitution for short supply of the 3.3V Supply or is there
> a charge pump on board?
> Regards,
> Craig Peacock
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