Re: [uCsimm] What do you think of the uCSimm?

From: David Smead (
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 00:03:08 EDT


Forget about the cost of the hardware and purchase it. It is
insignificant if you consider the `network' effect of the project. Where
else can you participate in this kind of project and receive as much
online help as is being donated by the group. That is the real value of
the uCSimm.


David Smead

On Sat, 13 May 2000, Craig Peacock wrote:

> I'm evaluation a purchase of a uCSimm and are wondering what the general
> perceptions are? Is it value for money? What is the documentation like?
> I could go back to the archives when they first came out, but I'm
> interested what they are like now that you have played with them for a
> number of months.
> I'm quite happy with the uCSimm Module itself. While its a fraction
> expensive compared to the liking and features of other development kits
> such as Axis's Etrax, I can understand the development work which has
> gone into this, and that they only make these modules, whereas other
> development kits made by the manufacturer is subsidized by the sale of
> IC's. I'm also planing on embedding 68EZ328 into other devices, thus it
> serves as a quick start development kit of a device (DragonBall) I can
> easily obtain.
> What has got me evaluating is both the CDROM and Gardener Board. The
> CDROM is quite expensive at $30 ($50Aus) and any sales literature would
> suggest it includes only the uClinux operating system and compiler tools
> which can be downloaded from the ftp site. Considering the
> volatile/dyanmic nature of the code, It would probably be out of date by
> the time they ship it which means I would have to download it anyway. Is
> there anything else on the CDROM which could be handy? Is is where a
> little sales literature on the site would be good.
> The other concern is the gardener board at $30 ($50AUS). I'm not quite
> sure what is so expensive about this board (Maybe all the
> holes/prototype area?), but I've got a batch of PCB's to go out to
> manufacture and will probably design a gardener board myself, with some
> terminal blocks/Relays/FETs as outputs and inputs. Maybe even RS-485 and
> the like. Thanks to David for verifying that the uCSimm uses 140 mA.
> Regards,
> Craig Peacock
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