Re: [uCsimm] Getting trouble using minicom

From: Gordon Minns (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 11:02:02 EDT

On my Red Hat linux distribution (Ver 6.0), minicom is set up so that you
must be the suyperuser (log in as "root") in order to start minicom.

1. Open a terminal program, and at the shell prompt, type: minicom -s
That starts minicom in it's setup mode.

2. From there, you can view various settings, change the baud rate (to
19,200 for uCsimm), etc. Here, you may need to
    change the serial port that minicom uses to /dev/ttyS0. On my PC, that
is COM1:

3. You can save your configuration (eg "dumb19200"), so that the next time
you start minicom, it will use your own configuration file instead of the
default one.

4. minicom creates a lock file that prevents re-opening minicom again on the
device you are using. If you find that you have terminated minicom, but it
is "locked" when you try to invoke it again, you can delete the lock file
(look in /var/lock for it).

Hope that helps...

Gordon Minns

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> Hi everyone,
> I am a newbie starting with my ucsimm. I follow the instructions on the
manual, however, when go to the step minicom,
> I just type
> chmod oug+rw /dev/ttyS0
> minicom -o ttyS0
> It just replys
> cannot find any configuration file, use the default one
> error reading /dev/cdrom, no such file
> I didn't use minicom before, so How can I do?
> thanks in advance
> sang
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