[uCsimm] All this talk about serial pinouts...

From: Erik Ratcliffe (erik@calderasystems.com)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 11:45:25 EDT

... has me wondering...

I have built my uCgardener, the voltage is getting where it needs to go
SIMM-wise, the Ethernet LEDs I soldered to the SIMM register a connection
and some network traffic, yet I can not get so much as a peep out of the
thing through a null-modem cable. I'm starting to suspect that you don't
use a null modem cable with this thing (yet another tid bit that I'm having
problems finding documentation for -- I'm considering starting a FAQ).
Eeesh... Without the serial connection, the uCsimm is basically just
pretty to look at... Sorta...
I couldn't find anything in 4 or 5 of the archived chunks o' mail list
messages that shed light on this either.

Any takers? If this thing is supposed to use null-modem cables, I'm open
to hearing what kinds of tests I can run to check what's coming out of the
serial port. I have an old Fluke 27 DMM w/ no documentation, but lack o'
docs has never stopped me before. :)

Thanks for any information any of you can provide!

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