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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 15:17:09 EDT

Nope. You'd need a lot of the special hardware from an old Mac. I think
there may also be enough of a difference between the 68EZ328 and the old
68000 processors used in first-gen Macs to require some porting, and I don't
think Apple is about to open-source old versions of their O/S.

It's kind of like how the GameBoy and TI8x-series calcs use Z80s running at
6MHz. The graphics and sound available on the GameBoy are a lot livelier
because it has a layering character generator and a multichannel stereo FM
generator for music. The processor on the TI8x calc is very similar but it
doesn't have the supplemental chips to accelerate graphics and sound, so
while the games available are nice, but not nearly as nice as Game Boy games

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> Talking about the uCsimm and the GNUsimm I mentioned
> that they use a 68328 processor and we both had a
> thought, if its a 68K processor surely it should be
> able to run an old version of MacOS.
> Is this possible?
> Thanks
> D
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