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Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 22:08:28 EDT


For 16kbit/s rate, bit time is 1/16k = 62.5uS, if your driver program
can process the filling of SPI buffer within this time, it should be

Or an alterntive to Chris, you have to build your own hardware with
a hard FIFO, serializer(shift register) and stuff of control circuit.

Your driver program do nothing but check FIFO low level status and
then fill out the FIFO. Of cause supply to FIFO must faster than
consume by serialiser.

Chris Peterson wrote:
> I've never seen an SPI implementation that would allow for a continuous
> bit stream. Even highly buffered versions (68332) will pause after 256
> bits, or whatever the buffer size is.
> If you truly need a continuous bit stream, SPI may not be the way to go.
> You might consider building your own double buffered serial transmitter
> with a latch, shift register, and a gate or two.
> -Chris Peterson
> "Reynolds, Alfred" wrote:
> >
> > I am a little confused about the SPI port on the MC68EZ328.
> > First, if anyone can find documentation about how SPI is implemented in this
> > uC I would love to read it.
> > Now, the problem. I need to have a constant bit rate (CBR) stream
> > (16kbits/sec) on the port. My plan was to use periodic interrupts using
> > RTLinux to keep the SPI buffers services (for input and output). As I
> > understand it, you copy in your bits (0-16 bits worth), then set enable and
> > it starts clocking the bits out. Then, you have to wait for all the bits to
> > be finished before you can copy new bits in. How can this method possibly
> > provide a CBR stream? Every 16th bit will have a glitch in it (small yes,
> > but there).
> > Even using the interrupt on the SPI port will have exactly the same problem.
> > What is wrong with my thinking?
> >
> > It is possible to service the SPI buffers while bits are still coming in? Do
> > you copy your 16 bits in, then it moves it to another area and clocks them
> > out, leaving you free to copy more in? (So you are constantly 1 "buffer"
> > ahead of the data?)
> >
> > Has anyone had experience with a CBR stream and can enlighten me ??
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