Re: [uCsimm] LCD issues

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 10:19:43 EDT

Ron Kreymborg wrote:

> Hi Tom
> I would be interested in one of these. Do you also have the connectors?
> However, I'm in Australia and seem to remember some comment about not
> wanting to ship overseas. Let me know.

    Ron ... you have hit the problem squarely! The LCD is easy to find,
the connector was very hard to get!!! The connector is only available as a
reel of 1000 taped parts for auto-insertion (pick & place), you have no
idea how many phone calls and time I had to spend just to track down a
"lousy connector" :-(

    Yes, I have connectors coming, after finally begging some of them from
a company, I've reconsidered just how many displays that I am going to
reserve for myself out of the box of 20 units. Each display will have a
PCB connect to plug it into.

    I would prefer not to send overseas, the paperwork is a bit of a



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