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Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 16:00:56 EDT

On 7 May 2000 wrote:

> having a bear of a time finding an answer to this (rather simple) question.
> You'll laugh when you read it...
There is only one type of stupid questions: those that are never asked.
> Before I plug this thing in, I want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that
> pumping 4.5v into this is okay. This may seem obvious to seasoned embedded
> hackers, but some of us are just now starting. When I see one set of docs say
> this runs at 3.3v and the board says 4-6v, and there is no further explanation
> offered in documentation, the main web site, FAQs, etc., I get worried (why
> isn't that clearly documented? I can't be the only person who's ever wondered
> about this).
Maybe I was to confident. The very night I got my toys, I soldered
everything on the gardener board, reached for my scrap drawer and found a
6v negative pin supply. As the book said 4-6 volts I plugged it and, lo!,
the thing was running.

Now that you bring the question, I thing the gardener has a voltage
regulator on it, the three pronged black thing beside the one of the small
capacitors, which should be responsible for keeping the voltage in the
proper range for the SIM.

> Please, if anyone can enlighten me on this, I'd appreciate it. I'm very
> comfortable with Linux (been using it for years), and software doesn't bug me,
> but I"m new to this miniature hardware stuff.
Same as me. I'm no seasoned embeded hacker, maybe I just played with a
solder more than you when I was younger :)

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